The secretary

If your in the mood, maybe after work we can go get a drink, I wanted to talk to you about getting a promotion and raise. You want to talk now. Ok, don’t you think I’m worth it boss. I mean I take care of everything for you. Don’t you like it when I give you a massage, I want to stroke that big hard cock of yours, I want to suck it dry, cum in my mouth baby, yes give it to me, I want to taste your hot cum. Give it to me, squeeze my breasts while I suck on that cock baby. Oh, that was good, so how about that promotion and raise boss, did I get it…





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Welcome Back Boys!

I’m so glad to be back from my trip to Australia, I just want to have some adventurous fun right here in the USA! Now we can have some fun together baby…

You like my outfit, its so sexy and hot, it brings out the tiger in me….
I get so horny, I just need to relax and play with myself. Want to watch me, I just love that…
I love when you watch, gets me so excited and wet….I love to play with my toys too!
I love my rabbit, my favorite toy!!! If I can’t have a real tongue licking my pussy, this is the next best thing!

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Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

I’m on vacation in the tropics, chillin at the local tiki bar drinking fruity drinks with lots of rum! I’m starting to feel a buzz. The bar was pretty empty and I was starting to get bored when this handsome young man joined me out of nowhere. I guess it’s raining men! I just fucked a guy last night, but this dude is even hotter. I’m coming on strong. Plus, it’s still the afternoon. I love to get fucked during the day in public! We tore this bar up!

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

This shoot has all the triggers that you should make your hard and ready to beat off. For you guys who love lingerie, I’m staged in some high heels, stockings and garters with a sexy bustier. There is nothing better than seeing a woman who is dressed to impress the opposite sex! Remember, high heels always look better upside down and my feet almost touch the ceiling!

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

I’m a rare redhead in porn. Have you ever been with a redhead? Is that a fetish of yours? Something about their skin being a combination of pasty white and pink that is such a turn on for guys with a redhead fetish. I bet you didn’t know that redhead’s pussies smell differently that a regular white, Latin or black pussy! Try it, take a whiff of a red head pussy! It is a unique aroma! Even the pussy hair has a different texture. I know, because I have sucked a lot of pussy!

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

Sexy Vanessa Hardcore Porn 2013

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After a hard day at work, I like to relax, so I hop on my bike in my leather jacket and let it loose.

There’s no feeling better in the world then flying down the highway on my bike, but it would be much more fun if I had you in the back riding me, I mean riding with me, oops….So climb on and let’s go for it!!!

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Sexy Vanessa

Kitchen Fun…

It was fun playing with my sexy friend Erin! Well boys when no one else is around to play with, I can always count on my friend Erin, she is so beautiful I love kissing her and playing with her. Such a body, I love squeezing her breasts and licking her big nipples, I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

Her pussy is so sweet and juicy, I love tasting her and making her cum. It like having dessert.

Speaking of dessert, we head into the kitchen where we take the whip cream and chocolate and make a Sunday with her pussy, and mine too. I just love my friend….

She licks my pussy and I am in heaven, she licks off the whip cream and chocolate from every inch of my body and my juices start to flow, I cum and she licks that too! Then we kiss like only two lovers can do.

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Lipstick Tie Up

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Hi Boys, I want to be your slut today. I want you to tie me up, do what you want to me. I’m ready for you to tie me up do what you want to me. I painted my nipples red with lipstick for you I know you like that. Give me some pain, pinch my nipples and my wet pussy. Give me pain because I have pleasure when I have pain, you make me so hot, you make me cum.
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