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Hi there! I’m Vanessa and here’s a little about myself so you can feel you know me a little better. I was born in Buenos Aires Rep. Argentina, and while in my teens moved to Mexico. Once I was a bit older on my own in Mexico, I was fascinated by entertainment. I then became a well know TV and movie actress, as well as a show girl, singing and dancing. Since life was not fulfilling enough South of the US border, it was time for a change, so I moved to Miami, Florida. I found a lot of work as a show girl, but felt my talents were not being used to their potential. Then I produced my own show, HOT HOT and started touring all over the USA and South America. After a lot of hard acting work in the USA, I found the world of porn and I decided to put all my energy into it and enjoy myself. Enough chit chat about me, get inside and check out some of my videos and photos!

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    • Sexy Vanessa, you are beautiful and wonderful. I dreamed about you before I ever knew you existed and here you are! I hope some day I will get to meet you. You are a tidal wave of a woman and the purest essence of my fantasies. I wish you lots of fulfilled lust.

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  2. Vanesa soy de córdoba Argentina y tengo un fantasía con vos que me gustaría concretar, me gustaría que me mandaras por correo la respuesta con todos los detalles por favor.

    Me calentás mucho.

  3. Wow! What a hot and sexy woman. While surfing the web for hot porn and the perfect actress to masturbate to, i found Vanessa Bella. From now on i have a go to site every time i need some relief, the perfect actress to dream about and imagine of fucking while stroking my hard cock. She is perfect in every way, the dream woman you always wanted to be with. Thank you Vanessa!

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