Hardcore fucking fun with Tony Vegas

sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 15

What’s not to love about a hot, young stud just begging to pound you? Not a damn thing! I love when a hot stud tells me just how beautiful I am and how hard I make his cock just thinking about me and my big, luscious tits. Today, we’ve got Tony Vegas here with me and if he’s a good boy, I just might show him what momma has up her sleeve for him…or up this dress!sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 43

You know I cant resist a man like Tony Vegas. He gets the best of me and has my milf pussy dripping wet way before he even comes near me. Those muscly arms, and toned up body is just jaw dropping. I surely didn’t beat around the bush and began stripping down quicker than you can scream my name.sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 70

These young studs have no problem getting their cocks hard either. By the time I pulled his pants off, his cock was rock hard and ready to go. I still made sure to shove his cock in my mouth and give him a little pre-loving with my mouth before he got the chance to penetrate my soaked pussysexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 121

And there you have it. I climbed up on top and gave him the ride of his life. You can see my pussy juices flowing right out of my cunt and onto his throbbing cock! I shook my big tits in his face while I bounced up and down on top of him. You should hear him tell me to slow down because he was getting close to exploding his man juice all inside me already. sexy_vanessa_tony_vegas_hardcore 155

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Feeling Sexy, Sexy, Sexy!

Hi All! I just had all these marvelous photos taken of me, by one of my producers, and they look great, I must say!
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photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo (4) photo (5) photo (6) photo

The secretary

If your in the mood, maybe after work we can go get a drink, I wanted to talk to you about getting a promotion and raise. You want to talk now. Ok, don’t you think I’m worth it boss. I mean I take care of everything for you. Don’t you like it when I give you a massage, I want to stroke that big hard cock of yours, I want to suck it dry, cum in my mouth baby, yes give it to me, I want to taste your hot cum. Give it to me, squeeze my breasts while I suck on that cock baby. Oh, that was good, so how about that promotion and raise boss, did I get it…





SV Black Dress

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Going For A Bike Ride

Hi boys, I’m back and ready to go riding on my big Harley. I just love sitting on my bike and feeling that power beneath my pussy. Reminds me of getting fucked really hard. Do you want to fuck me baby, I’m here waiting for you. I want that big hard cock to ride me like when I ride my bike, I get so wet. Come on baby give it to me, harder, yes like that, don’t stop baby, take my jacket off, I’m cumming, give it to me now, slap my ass… yes, fuck me, oh that was good baby. Maybe we go again later for another ride….







Leather and latex

Well boys, you like my outfit baby. I just love the feel of latex and leather, feels so good on my skin. I’m feeling so playful today. You want to play with me, I have lots of toys we can play with. But first I want you to slap my ass, harder baby, yes, I love it, makes my pussy juices start to flow. Oh, I  love it, lick my pussy baby, lick it, yes like that, don’t stop, oh I’m cuming,  yes, yes…ohhh. That was good baby, let’s play with some toys now so I can make you cum for me….








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Sucking and fucking in my new lingerie

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 10

How is my stud muffin doing today? I hope you’re excited for my new update! I picked up some sexy new lingerie and couldn’t wait to get home and try it on so I could show it off. I hope you like red fishnets and sheer lace bras.

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 17

I’ve been a very naughty girl. Do you want to spank me? I’m ready for you to spank my MILF bubble butt. If I don’t get any dick soon, I’m going to sit on this bed post! Can you help me out?

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 40It’s a little cold in here. Can’t you tell? All the better for you to nibble on. I love having my nipples pinched and gently bitten while having my pussy thrashed by a big, meaty cock. I think I can feel my pussy juices leaking through my panties already!

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 65Ahhh, yes. Finally I get some dick! I’m going to suck this dick until his balls are empty. I want all of that warm, gooey cum drizzled on my lips and down my throat. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a nice cum load!

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 88Of course I’ll lick and suck your balls, baby. Anything to get and keep that cock hard enough to beat the cobwebs off my snatch. How does this feel? Want to see me put both of your balls in my mouth?

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 97Now that I’ve got your dick hard as a rock, I want you to fucking pound me from behind. Treat me like sex slave. Grab my hips and thrust your cock inside me as deep as you can get it. I want to feel you in my stomach.

sexy_vanessa_hardcore_bed 107I love watching you fuck me doggystyle. That big cock of yours just sliding right in my dripping wet pussy is orgasmic. Make sure you spank me while you fuck me too. Remember, I’ve been a bad girl!

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Getting my pussy pounded at the beach


I hope all of you boys are ready for Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year and I have some of the sexiest outfits! I’ve been wanting to update for awhile, I’ve just been super busy. Anyway, I finally got around to getting some more sexy photos posted for you all! This time I went to the beach and had a little fun.


I got to wear one of my favorite pink bra and thong panties set and I thought my ass looked phenomenal here. What do you guys think?? Could you bounce a quarter off of it?

My first stop was the lifeguard stand to take some naughty pictures. I was so horny that I couldn’t wait to get naked and have my pussy penetrated right next to the crashing waves! I pulled my top down, exposing my hard nipples (it was a little chilly!) and my freshly trimmed up pussy.


I wanted to make sure I was warmed up and my pussy was dripping wet so his cock could just slide right inside me. I grabbed my favorite little pink vibrator and played for a few minutes. I’m so ready to be fucked by now!


After watching me playing with my pussy, his cock was already rock hard and ready to go, but I wanted a quick taste of his precum before we fucked like rabbits! He even thought he heard someone coming, but that didn’t stop me from gobbling up his cock.


…and here it is! It was finally time for him to bend me over and fuck my brains out right on the beach! His cock felt so good inside me that I couldn’t hold my moans in and burst out a loud scream.

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What have I been up to lately?

Hi boys, I have been very busy making video’s and new pictures for you. Want to take a peek at what I have been up to? Look below to find out, you will love it I’m sure…. and the more I shoot, the more I get excited, I got so wet you will not believe what I did….

SPS_3419-copy_web_2 SPS_9200_2 SPS_9120_web2sp SPS_8907_web2 SV Black Dress SPS_9295_web2 SPS_9325_web_sp3


Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

Hi kids, it’s me, super sexy Vanessa. I’m tanning at a quiet beach getting some outdoor photos for my Sexy Vanessa blog. It’s amazing that there are not more people at the beach. This place is desolate. Bikini’s are old school, I’m out here in a sexy boobless teddy! Yeah, boobless, it’s like crotchless but with boobs! It’s crotchless too! This the least “-less” piece of lingerie I have ever owned!
Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

I really love to frolic in the sand! I love getting the sand all over my body! I’m not fucking anyone today, so I don’t have to worry about getting any sand in my vagina and accidentally making a pearl!  I wonder how much I could auction one of my pussy pearls for? What would you pay?

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

I’ve been practicing my yoga. Do you think I have the moves? In the porn industry it pays to be as flexible as possible. Yoga sure helps me get into some of the best sex positions. I recommend yoga to everyone. Check out this next pic, what do you think? Am I flexible enough for you? Would you fuck me silly while pushing my knees behind my ears? 

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

Gallery Of Sexy Vanessa On The Beach

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Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Here we are in a follow up to our behind the scenes shoot from a few days ago. We’re in the dungeon now, ready to have a little kinky BDSM lesbian loving. Let me tell you we look fucking hot in these pictures. I especially love my silver collar. I’m gonna try to keep it after the shoot, sssshhh..

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

This is a cool place. It’s loaded with all sorts of tools, ropes, chains and toys I don’t know where to start, but Sara Jay knows where to start! She’s already deep in my pussy with her fingers with a crazed look in her eye and a pretty large vibrator. It’s on!

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Tie me up, tear me down. I’m a sucker for being dominated! Sara is going to get me worked up into a BDSM sex frenzy. Hopefully I won’t need a safe word with Sara!

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Let’s see what you got Sara, show me that beautiful pussy! I’m gonna lash it with my tongue and suck down all your lovely juices.

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sara’s pussy is all chained up. Watch the movie as a pull each and every chain link out of her pussy, sucking her at the same time. It’s a hot scene. Click here to watch the full HD movie.

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Here I am digging for pearls! Wish you were here! We could use a hot cock and some manly direction. These ropes and pulley’s can make a woman confused lol.

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Looking for the end of the rainbow in Sara’s pussy. I wish I had one of these BDSM swings at home, looks like a great way to watch TV and play with myself.

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

Sexy Vanessa BDSM With Sara Jay

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